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Week 1 

Well, really the week started Monday.  I spent the weekend moving and not having a functioning kitchen which proved to be too much of a challenge for me to eat 100% Paleo over the weekend.

So far it hasn’t really been a challenge.  I have a wide variety of veggies and fruit and nuts in the fridge and a roasted turkey breast—not processed deli counter meat, but an actual turkey breast.  Putting meals together has been easy.  I baked some mini frittatas with baby portabellos and red peppers.  Those have been easy for a breakfast on the go.  

I’ve become sort of an expert at throwing together random salads over the past year.  I prep all different veggies on Sunday and then I can throw together whatever I feel  like for lunch before I leave in the morning.  This week I made my favorite salad to date with spring mix greens, red cabbage, celery, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, roast turkey breast, and slivered almonds.  Awesome.  Try it—soon.  :)

I’ve had a couple cheats.  Some pieces of chocolate, and some fresh baked arab bread and hummus.  My friend brought me the bread and hummus from a local Mediterranean market and I couldn’t resist.  It’s one of my favorite things on the planet. Also I still have about a tbsp of half and half in my coffee.  I’ll never give that up—-ever.  :)   So…all in all it’s been pretty good.  As far as cravings go—I don’t really have any unless I skip the protein at a meal or snack.  Protein is key.  Next week I’ll have to prepare a wider variety of protein options and I may have to go back to drinking whey protein.  I’m gonna avoid the whey protein for awhile though and see if I can’t get what I need from real food.

Results?  Well, my mood is much better.  I have a lot of extra energy.  My pants fit better.

I’m going to catalog some statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of the Paleo diet.  I’ll post my weekly blood pressure Wednesday mornings and I’m going to take some baseline measurements with my trainer this weekend.  

BP this morning?  122/94   I’d like to get that diastolic into the 70’s where it was this time last year.  

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